1. Special issue on symbolic computation with Sage in mathematical education and research
  Guest Editor:
  Francisco Botana (U.Vigo, http://webs.uvigo.es/fbotana/)
  Associated Editor (from the Tbilisi Mathematical Journal board):
  Tomas Recio (U. Cantabria, www.recio.tk)
  Published in Volume 5
2. Special issue on Theory of Inequalities and Applications
  Associeted Editors (from the board):
  Sever S. Dragomir, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, sever.dragomir@vu.edu.au
  Wing-Sum Cheung, University of Hong-Kong, China, wscheung@hku.hk
  Published in Volume 7
3. Special issue dedicated to Professor Marco Grandis on the occasion of his 70th Birthday
  Guest Editors:
  Maria Manuel Clementino, University of Coimbra, Portugal, mmc@mat.uc.pt
  Marino Gran, Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, marino.gran@uclouvain.be
  Robert Paré, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada, pare@mathstat.dal.ca
  Associated Editor (from TMJ board):
  George Janelidze, University of Cape Town, South Africa, george.janelidze@uct.ac.za
  Published in Volume 8.
4. Special issue on Fractional Calculus and Applications
  Lead Guest Editor:
  Hari M. Srivastava (University of Victoria, Canada) harimsri@math.uvic.ca
  Guest Editors: 
  Jocelyn Sabatier (Université Bordeaux1, France) jocelyn.sabatier@u-bordeaux1.fr
  Roberto Garrappa (University of Bari, Italy) roberto.garrappa@uniba.it
  Mohsen Zayernouri (Michigan State University, USA) zayern@msu.edu
  Richard L. Magin (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA) rmagin@uic.edu
  Associate Editor (TMJ board):
  J. A. Tenreiro Machado (Institute of Engineering, Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal) jtenreiromachado@gmail.com
  Submission deadline: 31 August 2016. For details go to
5. Speccial issue in honor of Professors Peter J. Freyd and F. William Lawvere on the occasion of their 80th birthdays
  Lead Editor: Marta Bunge (McGill University, Canada) bunge@math.mcgill.ca, marta.bunge@gmail.com
  Guest Editors:
  Andrej Bauer (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) Andrej.Bauer@andrej.com
Peter T. Johnstone (University of Cambridge, UK) P.T.Johnstone@dpmms.cam.ac.uk
Anders Kock (Aarhus University, Denmark) kock@math.au.dk
Colin McLarty (Case Weasatern Reserve University, USA) colin.mclarty@case.edu
Susan Niefield (Union College, USA) niefiels@union.edu
Andrew Pitts (University of Cambridge, UK) Andrew.Pitts@cl.cam.ac.uk
John Power (University of Bath, UK) a.j.power@bath.ac.uk
Giuseppe Rosolini (Universita di Genova, Italy) rosolini@unige.it
Ross Street (Macquarie University, Australia) ross.street@mq.edu.au
Thomas Streicher (Technische Universit\"at Darmstadt, Germany) streicher@mathematik.tu-darmstadt.de
Walter Tholen (York University, Canada) tholen@mathstat.yorku.ca
David Yetter (Kansas State University, USA) dyetter@math.ksu.edu
6. Speccial issue on Approximation Theory arising from the International Conference ICOMATH on Approximation Theory organised 3 - 6 July in Istanbul, Turkey (http://www.icomath.com).
  Lead Editor: Hari M. Srivastava (University of Victoria, Canada) harimsri@math.uvic.ca
  Guest Editors:
  Tuncer Acar (Selcuk University, Turkey) tunceracar@selcuk.edu.tr
Ana Maria Acu (Lucian Blaga University, Romania) acuana77@yahoo.com
P.N.Agrawal (Indian Institute of Technology Roorke, India) pnappfma@iitr.ac.in
Harun Karsli (Abant Izzet Baysal University, Turkey) karsli_h@ibu.edu.tr
S.A.Mohiuddine (King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia) mohiuddine@gmail.com
Wolfgang Sproessig (Technical University Freiburg, Germany) sproessig@math.tu-freiburg.de
Kenan Yildirim (Mus Alparsian University, Turkey) kenanyildirim52@gmail.com
Articles in any area related to Approximation Theory and arised from ICOM 2018
  (Istanbul, Turkey, July 3 - 6 ) will be considered.
We ask for original articles written in English, that present high-quality contributions that have not been previously published, and that must not be simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere. Authors are invited to submit articles in PDF format to any of the issue editors. The issue editors themselves are invited to send their contributions to the lead editor: based on referee(s) reports their recommendation about acceptance or rejection. All submitted papers will be peer reviewed according to the standards of this journal and they will be evaluated on the basis of originality, quality and relevance to this Special Issue, and of clarity and correct use of English.

The final decision about acceptance of any recommended paper is taken by the lead editor and is sent to the editor-in- chief of TMJ for publication.
  Submission deadline: September 30, 2018.

Publication date: 2019.